An Interview with A Pioneer Correspondent and Journalist, Ramin Fallah

This time, we have decided to have an interview with a pioneer in news and journalism. This influencing and pioneer figure of media is Ramin Fallah who have been contributing with different national and local media to distribute news and reports.

It should be noted that when Ramin Fallah hears that we call him pioneer, he corrects our sentence and says: “Other figures such as Sanayi far, Mohtashami, Tayyeb, Tabase, etc. had come in news area long time before him, and actually, they are considered the real pioneers of news-writing”. However, we believe that Ramin Fallah has been active and experienced enough to be known as a pioneer in journalism and reportage profession.

Interview of “Asrar Name” online magazine with Ramin Fallah contains attractive and interesting discussions about the working procedures and memories of this pioneer journalist. It will be published in the website within some hours later.

Brief Introduction:

Ramin Fallah, news expert and political and social analyst, is a member of International Journalists Federation and the head of IRNA news agency. Moreover, he is the former head of the board of directors in Writers and Journalists Guild and the chief directors of “Maral Payam” website, one of the most-visited analytic news agencies. Ramin Fallah was born in 1957, in Mehr (Sabzevar).

Ramin Fallah’s father was the owner of a restaurant located in Mashhad-Tehran road; so, he used to live in an open space and experience exposure to different people and various cultures. Therefore, he could get to know different issues and problems of the day and reach a dynamic and social behavior.

Ramin Fallah has been being interested in cultural activities since his childhood. He studied the newspapers and asked the travelers in his father’s restaurant for new information. This type of interest in society and culture led him to be a founder and member of board of directors in an Art and Culture Institute in his own town.

In addition to cultural activities, Ramin Fallah was also interested in technical issues during his teenage period. Therefore, he followed mechanical art and reached great successes. He was specially skillful in repairing motor-cycles and he worked as a mechanic expert is “Mehr” town for a while.

Later on, according to his father’s request, he continued to work in the restaurant and provide services to the Mashhad-Tehran travelers and the pilgrims of Imam Reza Holy Shrine. So, he received his diploma grade and started to study Hospitality under the supervision of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran. He could receive the certificate of Reception and Accommodation Management. Although he never forgot about cultural activities in “Mehr” town, he selected “Restaurant Management” as his main job. He reached great successes in restaurant management and he was selected as a representative of mid-way restaurants guild in Sabzevar and vice-president of Restaurant Managers Association. However, it was not the job that could satisfy his culture-dependent and culture-promoting spirit. So, while he reached an appropriate and secure employment position, he gradually left aside all those opportunities to work on the profession he passionately loved.

Therefore, he attended more in the culture-art association of “Mehr” town and the association was changed into a dynamic and active center of cultural affairs. Later on, when Ramin Fallah started to work as a journalist, he continued, for several years, to send the news of Sabzevar from that association to the publications he was working with.

He progressed forward gradually in media affairs, combined his interest and diligence and experience and did not forget the importance of education. He attended the educational courses in News School to become an expert in journalism. Moreover, he received the certificate of short-term and compressed courses of Professional Journalism. Combining interest, experience and expert, he turned into a famous and experienced journalist in Khorasan.

Some years later, Ramin Fallah established IRNA News Agency in Sabzevar with the help of Imam of Friday Prayer of the town, the proconsul, etc. and he is considered as one of the founders of that center.

With 20 years of experience in news-related works and several successes in this field, Ramin Fallah is the manager of IRNA news agency office in Sabzevar and moreover, he still works with Khorasan Newspaper. He and his son-in-law, Ruhollah Mehri (who is a famous journalist), have recently established a local publication called “Nedaye Kavir”. This magazine is going to be published in Khorasan Razavi and Ramin Fallah is the editor.

Amongst the most important successes of Ramin Fallah in his media activities we can point to his appointment to the top journalist of Iran (while working with Resalat newspaper) and his election as the top journalist (in terms of quality and quantity of news) of his own city for several years (while working with Khorasan newspaper).

Ramin Fallah is interested in education and knowledge and he thinks that comprehensive knowledge is a necessity in journalism. He is now studying Judicial Laws in one of the universities of Sabzevar.

Ramin Fallah has several children (son and daughter) all of whom are studying in higher education levels and working in socially-useful jobs. Some of his family members, including his daughter and son-in-law, have chosen media to work in.

In the next section, you may read the expanded version of “Asrar Name” magazine journalist’s interview with Ramin Fallah.

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