An interview with Ramin Fallah about situation of Sabzevar in terms of media

How is the situation of Sabzevar in terms of media and news works in comparison with other cities?

Ramin Fallah: Sabzevar in a better working situation relative to other cities. It has several news and analytic websites working every day, and also, public relations sections of organizations are busy with expanded news-relating activities. These are the signs of media development in Sabzevar. However, there are some weaknesses in terms of paper-based publication. The local publications that are now published lack good quality. Therefore, in my opinion, cultural and political authorities of the city should provide more support for local publications.

Currently, there are several certified publications in Sabzevar that have not reached success in publishing their news due to lack of sufficient support.

Neda-ye Kavir, Khorshid-e Kavir, Farhang-e Sabzevar and Sarbedaran are among those certified publications in Sabzevar and if they have access to appropriate supports, their activities will be more extended and influential.

Moreover, another problem there exists in journalism and media works, not only in Sabzervar, but also in all cities of the country; and the problem is that the male forces do not welcome this profession. News works require that more men become involved with them because women are not able to compile reports from every situations and events. The hard and harsh conditions of journalism require men and women work together.

You said something about the certification of Neda-ye Kavir publication. Would you, as a co-founder and authority of “Neda-ye Kavir”, introduce this press for us. When will it publish its contents?

Ramin Fallah: Neda-ye Kavir is a local press and according to the primary contracts, we want to publish it in Razavi Khorasan. I am the editor of this press and my son-in-law, Mr. Ruhollah Mehri, will be appointed to Responsible Management position. He is an experienced and known journalist. Although we are interested in publishing the press as soon as possible, the costs of publishing a new press is really high due to high expense of papers. Therefore, it would not be possible to continually publish the magazine.

Moreover, since our purpose in to continually publish “Neda-ye Kavir” and not to prevent its publishing due to financial problems, we are now waiting for an appropriate condition to start our work. Hopefully, we are going to begin our job with a strong team and firm financial support.

It has been heard that you have decided to establish a new journalism- and media-relating firm in Sabzevar, after you leave the position of head of directors board of Authors Guild Association. Would you please provide more explanation in this issue?

Ramin Fallah: I am about to establish Task-mastering Association for Directors of News Publications and Websites in Sabzevar and the surrounding regions; and my purpose is to address the journalists’ and media affairs. In case of establishing the association, journalists and news media directors can voluntarily register their names. I mean there will be no obligation for membership.

What are the general policies of the government regarding journalists? Do the government sufficiently support and care for this group?

Ramin Fallah: Yes. In recent years, the government has provided acceptable care and appropriate support for the journalists. For example, establishment of Saman system, introduction and identification of the journalists, providing appropriate loans for the journalists, presents and awards from President to the journalists for the day of journalism, providing insurance service, establishing the Comprehensive Plan of Journalism in order to rank the working forces, etc. are some of the government’s positive measures in the recent years. All these services and facilities have more improved the journalists’ condition relative to the past.

What recommendation do you, as an experienced journalist, have for the youth who want to approach this profession?

Ramin Fallah: I am not that much qualified to provide a recommendation for others. Anyway, in case I want to transfer my experience to the young generation, I should tell that professional skills and education in journalism must be taken seriously.

Those who lack knowledge and education backing will waste their talents despite being interested and diligent. They will not be successful and influential without sufficient technique and expertise. In my opinion, a journalist should not only educate in journalism but he/ she should obtain knowledge and experience in other fields and expand his/ her information and skills. Then, he/ she will be more successful in journalism. I want the senior authorities and also, the Guild of Journalists and Organization of  Culture and Islamic Guidance of our city to pay more attention to journalists’ affairs and to help them, through holding educational courses, in improvement.

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