How I Did Become a Journalist? – Part 2

In the previous post, I explained about how I became interested in journalism. I also told that I always thought it was easy for me to become a journalist because I was good at writing.

At the time I decided to attend the journalism training courses, I did not have much income. It was not easy for me to pay the fee and I did not want to put pressure on my family to provide the required money. I once reviewed my bank account and emptied it immediately. Then I asked my mother to pre-send me the next-month birthday present of mine as cash, so that I could enroll in the course. As I paid the fee, I was happy on one hand and I saw a new gate into journalism, and on the other hand, I heard some voices in my mind telling: “You’re going to fail, again”.

Three weeks later, I became the student of a famous journalist’s class. Since the first week, I was eager and voracious to read the news. I read every news in every fields and checked for details so that I could talk about them in the next session of class. I found out that appropriate speech could turn me into a clever student in the eyes of my teacher. I investigated every aspects of news and I used to look for the most influential news every night.

The time for writing started. I am good at writing and this ability of mine results from reading. Apparently, I passed that stage with more confidence and comfort but in reality, I had an obsession for reaching the best level in every fields. I used to spent an hour to write a paragraph, and I wrote, erased and re-wrote everything for several times.

“I want to be a journalist”. This sentence was a motive force for me to do anything in that several-week training course to reach my goal. I was ready to sacrifice a part of my life time in order to be a clever student in the teacher’s eyes and be selected by him to work in his newspaper as an apprentice. At the fifth session, I put my shyness aside and asked him a question: “After we learn all these lessons, where shall we look for a job?”. He touched his face and replied: “My newspaper. You can start your job from here. I’ll meet you at the newspaper office within the first days of the next week….”.


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