interesting interview with Ramin fallah

“During my ten years in the news, I gained a lot of experience, I was always concerned about people and I wrote with integrity,” said Ramin Fallah, a journalist active in media and the press.


Interview with Ramin Fallah


According to Roshan News, and with our warm regards to all journalists on journalism day, I’d like to invite you to an interesting interview with one of the most active journalists in the country, Mr. Ramin Fallah, the leading figure in the press.


Greetings. Please briefly introduce yourself and tell us when and where you started your journalism career and where you are currently working.

Ramin Fallah: I’m Ramin Fallah, a 48-year-old bachelor’s degree holder in journalism, with over a decade of experience in various newspapers. I started journalism in Rashtkhar and served as a journalist in that city. With the trust of provincial press managers, I became the producer and author of the “Talangor” column in the Ashti newspaper five years ago. Thank goodness this column soon attracted the readers and officials in the province and became one of the most widely read articles in the newspaper.


After five years with the decision of the editor-in-chief, another colleague took over Talangor, and I am currently seeking to design a new column, which will be published in Ashti starting Mehr.


What factors have led your life to journalism and people’s concerns?

Ramin Fallah: Working for a newspaper was an incident in my life, but I loved it since childhood. My father always told me that I would be a qualified journalist someday.


Which field do you use the most for publication and analysis of news?

Ramin Fallah: The social one. Since I was a child, I felt the social field was where I could express myself.


What is the secret to a journalist’s success?

Ramin Fallah:  If you ask me, honesty in work and working towards people’s benefit is the key to a journalist’s success. My dad used to tell me every time that I had to write to people’s benefit and be honest.


Which one of your reports or stories do you like most? Or what has been the bitterest and sweetest report or news you’ve ever worked on?

Ramin Fallah: Thank god I don’t recall anything the bitter. The sweetest news was the return of $ 2 billion credit of Article 180 to the city. The other one would be my report and my special report on social damages of the city that led the members of the Social Committee to the city of Rashtkhaar and gave it good cultural credentials at that time.


To what extent has others pressure affected your performance?

Ramin Fallah: Fortunately, our officials have a high level of political and media understanding, and if we sometimes criticize a subject, there is an understanding that our criticism was in favor of reform, but in journalism there is pressure. Fortunately during this time, the pressure (if any) has been tolerated by the senior executives, and has rarely reached me. The US and Israel are be blamed for the high cost of living.


How do people and the authorities deal with you and what do you expect from them?

Ramin Fallah: People’s and the authorities’ reaction towards me has always been friendly. My dad always told me to be kind so that people would be kind to me too. My father was one of the kindest people in the world. The only downside was that he sometimes gave me slaps on the neck in a way that I forgot most of my childhood memories due to it.


How satisfied are you with yourself in journalism?

Ramin Fallah: Well, in these ten years in newspaper, I had a lot of experience and I was always concerned about people and  wrote with integrity, thinking that God must definitely have had been kind to me to have let me be the people’s voices. And I have done all I can to do my best and the one who should be pleased with me is God Almighty and the people I serve. The only discomfort I have in life is the slaps on the neck my dad gave me and Ithey still hurt.


If you were to go back again to a young age, would you still like to be a journalist?

Ramin Fallah: One hundred percent.


What’s the best report you have ever worked on and loved?

Ramin Fallah: Report on Ramadan’s customs and traditions

Who do you owe in life?

Ramin Fallah: My family and someone who supported me whom I can’t name. And of course, as I said, my dear father with his slaps of the neck at the right time. May he rest in peace. I owe all my success to the neck slaps.


When is a journalist satisfied with his life?

Ramin Fallah: When a report or news comes out and becomes effective. Also, I was awarded as the top journalist in the province for five years. I hope my father’s spirit is pleased with this success.


The last word?

Ramin Fallah: My last word is that I dedicated myself for a decade to be the voice of the people, and when it comes to solving problems, I believe whatever you give, you get. The first time my father taught me this poem, he gave me a slap on my neck and said, “Ramin, I slapped your neck so that you never forget this poem.” That’s why this poem is so beautifully engraved in my mind and I read it wherever I go.


Thank you for participating in this interview and may your father rest in peace.

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