A brief introduction about Ramin Fallah -Part 1

Online magazine “Qararname”, which has been trying to reach popular and influential public figures in recent months on the basis of its cultural approach, this time has chosen to interview one of the leading news and journalism experts. This influential and pioneering media figure is none other than well-known journalist Ramin Fallah, who has worked with many national media outlets to publish news and reports in Sabzevar and surrounding towns and villages. It should be noted, of course, that Ramin Falah himself tends to correct us when he hears us refer to him as a pioneer, saying that other gentlemen such as Sanaeifar, Mohtashami, Tayyeb, Tabassi, etc. have entered the news field before him and are in fact the pioneers. But Internet Magazine “Qararname” believes Ramin Fallah is still active in the city’s news field and is known to be one of the pioneers of the journalism profession in western Khorasan Razavi. The interview with Ramin Fallah, which will be published in Hot Tea section on this website in the next few hours, contains interesting content on his work and memories of the Sabzevar as a reporter. Until then, stay with us.


Brief introduction: Ramin Fallah, a political and social analyst and news specialist, member of the International Federation of Journalists, and director of the IRNA news office in Sabzevar since its establishment, former chairman of the board of directors of Sabzevar Writers and Journalists Guild and also the director of Payam website, which is one of the most visited analytical news stations in west of Khorasan Razavi was born in 1336 in Mehr village of Sabzevar city. Ramin Fallah’s father owned a restaurant on a busy Mashhad- Tehran route which made Ramin Fallah be exposed to to different cultures at an open environment and though socialising with different people since the beginning. He got to know about with many daily issues and gained a social and dynamic character. Since his early childhood, Ramin Fallah discovered a keen interest in cultural activities, read newspapers, curiously gained new information about the passengers at his father’s restaurant. These cultural and social interests led him to become one of the founders and members of the board of directors of Mehr Village Cultural and Art Center during his youth. In his early teens, Ramin Fallah was interested in technical work as well as in the arts, so he pursued a career as a mechanic and achieved great success. Ramin Fallah was particularly skilled at repairing motorcycles and had a the job in this field in Mehr.


Ramin Fallah later decided to obey his father’s request on  pursuing the family business of managing the restaurant as a way to provide amenities to Tehran-Mashhad route passengers and pilgrims. For a while after getting his diploma, he studied hospitality under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage and Crafts Organization and received a certificate of management of service and accommodation centers. Although he never forgot to pursue cultural activities at the Mehr Village Center, he had chosen restaurant business as his main profession. Ramin Fallah’s work in the restaurant business was successful to an extent where he achieved a title as the representative of the on-route restaurants of Sabzevar in the province, an even the vice president of the on-route restaurant community. But this job was not something to satisfy the spirit of the friendly and culture-loving Ramin Fallah. So while he had a good job position and security, he gradually abandoned all the available opportunities to pursue a career that he loved wholeheartedly. Thus, Ramin Fallah’s presence and activity in the Mehr Village Artistic Cultural Center increased and with his efforts, it became a dynamic and active center of cultural activities in the region. Later, for several years after he began his journalistic career, he sent news related to Great Sabzevar, from the headquarters of the same cultural and artistic center in the Mehr village to the media he was working with. As Ramin Fallah progressed into his career, he combined his passion with experience and work, while considering the importance of education, and at the Faculty of Journalism, he also attended courses in the journalism profession. He received a short and intensive journalism career and gradually became a prominent and experienced journalist in Sabzevar and Khorasan province as a result of combining interest, experience and expertise.

Years later, ,he was able to establish IRNA news office in Sabzevar along with Imam of Fridays prayers, the governor of the time and so on and be one of its founders. Ramin Fallah is now managing the IRNA news office in Sabzevar with over twenty years of news experience and having received numerous honors in the field and continues to work with the Khorasan daily as before. With the cooperation of his son-in-law, “Ainullah Bagarzadeh”, another well-known journalist in Sabzevar, he has recently co-founded a local magazine called “Sea Dolphins”, which is also to be published in Khorasan Razavi province. Fallah plays the role of editor-in-chief. Among the most important honors of Ramin Fallah in his years of work in the media are his selection as the country’s top journalist during his cooperation with the Resalat newspaper, as well as being nominated as the province’s premier journalist in quantitative and qualitative terms for several consecutive years during his cooperation with the newspaper “Bayan” and so on. Ramin Fallah, who has a keen interest in science and education, and in particular considers having comprehensive information in most fields the necessary key to be a successful journalist, is currently studying law at one of the universities in Sabzevar. The former head of the Sabzevar Writers and Journalists Association also has a couple of sons and daughters, all of whom are pursuing higher education and community-based careers, and some of his family members, including his son, Samad, and one of his sons-in-laws, “ Einollah Bagherzadeh” have also entered the field of media activity. The following is a detailed overview of Qararname with Mr. Ramin Fallah: Greetings. Please give us a brief introduction first and tell us when and where you started your journalism career? Ramin Fallah: Hi. I was born in Mehr village in Sabzevar, and from an early age I was very interested in cultural and social activities while helping my father in his restaurant business. So I started journalism from the same village of Mehr and Davarzan with a number of local publications, until I officially became a journalist in Khorasan newspaper in 1372 and then collaborated with other provincial and national presses. As you see I’m still working on my career in Sabzevar.

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