Ramin Fallah’s Biography

Ramin Fallah was born in Pahlvai Street (called Vali-Asr Street, today) of Tehran, in April 3, 1936. His father was a military force member who was dispatched to Tehran due to a business mission. Ramin Fallah’s father, Mohammad Reza Fallah, was born in Zahedan in 1906 and he joined the military force at the early years of youth. He met Ramin’s mother during one of his missions and they got married. They have five children, namely, Ramin, Vida, Tannaz, Rosa and Dena. Ramin was the older child of the family.

Early Years of His Education

Ramin passed the early years of his education in Tehran and he studied in “Edalat” School until the 6th grade. Then, he had to move to Isfahan because of his father’s mission. They stayed in Isfahan for two years. He stated that those years were the worst parts of his life. Ramin Fallah was very interested in poems but he was studying in a school where the teachers not only did not encourage him to set about poetry, but also wanted him to learn fundamental lessons, such as mathematics, instead of poetry which they believe was useless for his future.

After those two years being the bits of a mare to Ramin Fallah, he and his family moved back to Tehran and he could study up to diploma grade in that city. He was being taught in “Okhovat” high school in Tehran. After high school, he was admitted in university to study Persian Language and Literature.

Years of University

Ramin’s interest in poetry and literature was obvious from the very first days of school but his unique talent in composing poetry emerged during the university period. In university, he attended different poetry meetings and made others surprised by his speech skills and poems. All the faculties and professors of the university knew that they would hear more about him in future.

Ramin Fallah was graduated from university in 1959. Unlike his expectation and despite he always avoided being hired in official organizations and employee lifestyle, he was employed in Ministry of Treasury and he worked there for 30 years.

Following His Interests

During those years, Fallah was not negligent about poetry and literature and he always surprised others around by his poems. Coincidently, he could published his book, “Sar Mashgh” (Example), that included a collection of his poems about his two-year life in Isfahan. Moreover, while he was working in Ministry of Treasury, he published another collection of his poems, called “Shorooe Dobare” (Begin Again); and the book was republished for several times. The most important book of him was “Didar” (Meeting) that was published during the last years of his work and it received great attention and comments from literature communities of the time.

Some people believe Ramin Fallah to be the best unknown Persian poet. All of his poems are based on social themes. Although Ramin Fallah has talked about romantic and love-centered issues in some of his poems, he has adopted a critically social perspective in those poems.

Ramin’s mother passed away when he was 28; and the next year, his father also died due to heart attack. Occurring within a short while, these two events deeply influenced him so that he did not compose any poem up to two years after his father’s death.

After his parents’ death and overcoming depression, Fallah started private tutoring of Literature in addition to working in the Ministry and he held private classes for students interested in Literature. Those classes could attract attentions and many volunteers and enthusiasts registered to learn from them.

During those years, Ramin Fallah was receiving several cooperation suggestions from different presses and journals.

Becoming a Journalist…

He, gradually, started to work with newspapers and journals. He was assigned as a journalist and writer in different journals and also, his poems were published in newspapers. Between 1962 and 1975, he was the supervisor of the page of Poems and Literature in “Roshangar” journal.

This page was dedicated to all literary and cultural issues including book, film, theater, painting and poem review. A great number of contemporary famous poets were introduced to the public, for the first time, through publishing their poems in this page.

In the next years, also, Fallah was responsible for managing and editing Poems and Literature page in “Aref” journal.

It can be claimed that Ramin Fallah started poem composing since his childhood but the first poems of him were published when he was 30.

As he stated, his favorite poems were the ones from Hafez. Although Ramin’s poems are far different from those of Hafez, he has tried to follow him in terms of poem meter. This is clearly recognized when reading his poems.

Fallah was really interested in Iranian music. Due to this interest, he was serving as a member of Music Council of Radio, for a while. He played an important role in linking poems to music. Many music tracks in radio were combined with his poems and they appeared more beautiful and pleasant.

Fallah could professionally understand different types of music and when listening, he could categorize them into the correct Gushe and Radif groups. As a poet, his interest and knowledge about music surprised everyone. It was claimed that he, successfully, could recognize and identify the most prominent Iranian music pieces.

Ramin Fallah traveled to England in 2001 and his poetry meetings were welcomed and appreciated in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Oxford and Manchester by those who were interested in Iran. Then, he became more famous and known. The next year, he traveled to 24 states of America and attended in different poetry meetings in all those states. His poems were highly appreciated in Berkeley and New Jersey Universities.

Ramin Fallah’s Personal Life

Ramin Fallah married Mr. Afsar Nowruzi, in 1965. They have two children: Mandana and Lale.

Marital life of Ramin Fallah did not face severe ups and downs. He met his wife when working on a press project. Their relationship was broken up when the project was over and they did not met each other within two years after the project termination date. After two years, they accidentally met each other, again, in a common project and they worked on it together. At that time, Ramin Fallah decided to marry Mr. Afsar Nowruzi.

Ms. Nowruzi was working in different journals and pressure, during those days; and she had a fluent and eloquent style in writing.

Ramin’s marriage to Ms. Nowruzi influenced his professional life, too. As poets and literature fans state, all of his poems became more rich and wealthy after his marriage and more intense poetic temper emerged in his words. Surprisingly, Ms. Nowruzi’s writings were alleged to lean towards romantic themes within those years.

Ramin Fallah was suffering from chronic lung infection for several years and excessive smoking was making everything even worse. At the morning of May 9, 2007, he died due to this disease.

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