How I Did Become a Journalist? – Part 2

In the previous post, I explained about how I became interested in journalism. I also told that I always thought it was easy for me to become a journalist because I was good at writing.

At the time I decided to attend the journalism training courses, I did not have much income. It was not easy for me to pay the fee and I did not want to put pressure on my family to provide the required money. I once reviewed my bank account and emptied it immediately. Then I asked my mother to pre-send me the next-month birthday present of mine as cash, so that I could enroll in the course. As I paid the fee, I was happy on one hand and I saw a new gate into journalism, and on the other hand, I heard some voices in my mind telling: “You’re going to fail, again”.

Three weeks later, I became the student of a famous journalist’s class. Since the first week, I was eager and voracious to read the news. I read every news in every fields and checked for details so that I could talk about them in the next session of class. I found out that appropriate speech could turn me into a clever student in the eyes of my teacher. I investigated every aspects of news and I used to look for the most influential news every night.

The time for writing started. I am good at writing and this ability of mine results from reading. Apparently, I passed that stage with more confidence and comfort but in reality, I had an obsession for reaching the best level in every fields. I used to spent an hour to write a paragraph, and I wrote, erased and re-wrote everything for several times.

“I want to be a journalist”. This sentence was a motive force for me to do anything in that several-week training course to reach my goal. I was ready to sacrifice a part of my life time in order to be a clever student in the teacher’s eyes and be selected by him to work in his newspaper as an apprentice. At the fifth session, I put my shyness aside and asked him a question: “After we learn all these lessons, where shall we look for a job?”. He touched his face and replied: “My newspaper. You can start your job from here. I’ll meet you at the newspaper office within the first days of the next week….”.


How I Did Become a Journalist? – Part 1

“A crying little child, inside the TV frame, running after an ambulance that were carrying the corpse of his Bosnian mother”.

I do not know how old I was when I saw that scene. It was probably one of the first scenes recorded in my memory but now I still can narrate it in detail. I think that my interest in news and thoughts sparked for the first time at the very day.

I was really confused at the time I decided to start my career as a journalist. I did not access to a credible source that could guide me how to enter the market, and also, I did not have any journalist friend whom I asked for help and learn the lessons. I just knew one thing: “I want to write”.

In 2011 (1390), I still was studying in university. I was curious about the news; I had a relatively rich vocabulary lexicon; and I had some information about the world’s situation. I thought that these were enough for me to become a journalist. Finally, I embarked upon my job and wrote a 800-word text about the women’s condition in Afghanistan for a newspaper. With the help of a go-between person, I could send my text to the newspaper’s international service secretary.

When the first text of mine was published in a newspaper, I bought three copies of that newspaper and obsessively read the text for many times. I put the papers under the carpet in order to prevent them from being folded and I thought: “You made it! Now, the world of journalism is waiting for you!”. When I was 22, I really assumed that : “if one content of mine is published in a relatively good-seller newspaper, then I can turn into a real journalist and the world yearns to see me shining!”.

However, until four years after that day I could not become a real journalist. I sometimes wrote different contents and texts for various publications and I received no money for them. In some cases, I published news in not-so-important websites to earn a certain revenue. Though a little bit late, I found the answer of this conundrum when I reached 26.

The answer was as follows:

I needed a fundamental training to become a real journalist. As the first step, I went to Enghelab street. There were no many books about journalism in book-stores. However, I could not even afford all those few books. I leaped in the dark and bought some books that I thought were appropriate for a beginner journalist who wanted to learn the basic principles of journalism and correspondence. At that time, many were speaking about the training courses that were held by Ministry of Guidance for the journalists. However, a requirement for attending those classes was continuous job experience that I lacked. After one month or more, I read all of the books I bought and learned something about how to be a journalist. One day, I encountered an advertisement in the Instagram page of a celebrity-designer. One of my favorite journalists hold a training course to teach journalism in eight session. The course was too expensive for me to afford but it was the only path to my wish …